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Meet Successful Change Leaders from Around the World

The 3rd Wednesday of the month (12-1:00 pm EDT) LIVE online

Change leaders are the modern world’s adventurers, architects and alchemists who have an unyielding desire to continually improve themselves, their communities and society. Watch or listen as they share their stories, inspiration and wisdom.

Introducing the Inspire Show

A monthly interview series to inspire you to realize your Vision!

Our biggest challenge as Change Leaders is maintaining

the drive, passion, and creativity over a long period of time.

Inspiration comes in fits and spurts and then it peters out.

Time pressure, daily commitments and priorities keep us

from focusing on manifesting our dreams. This robs us of

our own brilliance and the world of our greatest gifts.

That is why the Inspire Show was created…to help

us all do what inspires us most, each day.

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Your Host – Lianne Bridges

After completing a classical MBA training program at Canada’s prestigious Rotman School of Management, I garnered 30 years of experience working for Unilever, Nabisco, United Technologies, Bombardier, Rio Tinto Alcan, Plan International and other world-leading multinationals and not-for-profit organizations.

Over the past 18 years, I’ve worked as an entrepreneur –  launching and leading a variety of successful ventures. I now use all of this knowledge and experience to serve my true passion: helping new or existing mindful entrepreneurs and community/change leaders to make a real difference doing what they love by aligning with their highest purpose and potential.

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Calling all change leaders, community visionaries & social entrepreneurs!

There is a new market focused on transforming lives and bettering the world, specially in the areas of health and fitness, the environment, personal development, spirituality, travel, sustainable living, and social justice. It’s estimated to represent approximately $600 billion worldwide and is growing about 10% per year.

By tapping into this market, you have a wonderful opportunity to earn a good living doing rewarding work that helps others to improve their lives. Creating a transformational business or establishing a leadership role in this historic social movement is a totally realistic way to express yourself authentically, work on your own terms, and achieve prosperity.

These are the types of people who we will be interviewing and who are in our audience:

  • Social Entrepreneurs & Start ups – focused on social good who offer natural and holistic healing modalities, organic /green/fair trade and socially responsible products and services
  • Conscious Leaders — wanting to improve their organization through mindful practices
  • Community Visionaries – community organizers and philanthropists
  • Mindful Educators – Trainers, authors and coaches in the Mind, Body, Soul, holistic health, and new age genres


“Leadership is about creating change you believe in.” – Seth Godin

Upcoming Guest

Anne K. Scott (London, UK)

A speaker, teacher, coach and ultimately an Imagination Technologist, Anne works with individuals and businesses who choose to operate at their highest level of creativity and have a desire to create a better, sustainable, beautiful world. She is passionate about the purposeful application of imagination and collaborating with high level creatives to make ideas real. She created Wiz Biz a mentoring program to bring the HEART & SOUL of entrepreneurs into business and CO:LLAB a pop up of Creative Hubs in beautiful ocean side destinations to support people to accelerate their creations and foster kinship.
Anne’s an expert at change, being a catalyst and ambassador for new possibilities. She brings cutting edge intuitive techniques together with 30+ years as an innovation and technical professional to deliver end results that appear improbable if not impossible. A hallmark of Anne’s experience is the early implementation of new technologies that have transformed business. She’s experienced at leading virtual teams with all the challenges of time zone, language and cultural differences that brings. She has the ability to shape shift into problems to reframe them as creative opportunities and to facilitate others to do the same.
She loves traveling the world and exploring the outer edges of consciousness to create new experiences and realities for herself enjoying, savouring and fully inhabiting this life.  

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Corry Robertson (Montreal, Quebec)

As a globally recognized change agent, Corry provides personal and professional coaching for executives and high level entrepreneurs who seek to improve workplace performance by building a coaching leadership culture. Credentialed by The International Coach Federation (ICF) she is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who supports her clients by drawing on an extensive background in corporate coaching, transformational leadership development, leadership and change management, conflict resolution styles, communication skills, personal well-being and leading edge psychometric tools. Her clients are the kind of people who agree that for their company to thrive, their people must thrive.

Corry recently returned from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where she is in the process of delivering a coach certification program that teaches managers how to use the coaching competencies as a leadership style and supports the entire organization in building a coaching culture. In support of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s vision for a new Saudi Arabia, she is proud to play her part in this transformation.

Corry returns to Riyadh in May to begin implementing phase two of this ground breaking program.

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Joshua Smith (London, UK)

Joshua is Managing Director of Adapt Faster, Ltd, a boutique consulting firm in London, UK. He is a behavioral specialist, trainer and coach specializing in neuroscience-informed approaches to mindfulness and resilience. He currently coaches executives and teams globally, and leads courses in emotional resilience, social intelligence, and authentic leadership. He has been recently appointed a Leadership Fellow at the Society of Leadership Fellows, St. George’s House, College of St George, Windsor Castle and is Assistant Director of the EMDR Centre London.

Joshua has a BA in economics, and has completed studies at the University of Oxford in mindfulness and neuroscience. As well, Joshua has trained as a trauma therapist with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, EMDR Centre London and completed a teacher training in Yoga and the Traumatized Body under the supervision of Bessel van der Kolk, a legendary researcher in the field of PTSD.

Joshua is co-author of The Happy Teacher: 11 Rs Every Teacher Should Know. As a result of his work, he was invited to a White House reception to greet Queen Elizabeth II.

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Rhonda Massad (Montreal, Quebec)

It is with dedication, heart and boundless energy that master connector, Rhonda Massad can be seen all over the West Island of Montreal, camera in tow, meeting new people, covering local events, highlighting people, businesses, and charities.

Rhonda retired from her career in retail in 2015 after 16 years and started writing against all odds. Her take charge of her fear philosophy always pushes her to move past the little voice that keeps us from getting where we want to go.

Rhonda has harnessed her passion for writing and now has a successful online blog that has been recognized by the Quebec Community Newspaper Association and seen more than 6 million visitors to the site. She can be seen on Global TV once a month for her segment “The Best of the West”, on Jewel 106.7 every week for her segment “The More You Know” and every Friday on Hits 94.7.

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Jarrett Green (Los Angeles, California)

Jarrett is a former high-stakes business litigator who left the practice of law to live his passion of helping attorneys, executives, and other individuals in high-stress environments develop greater stress resiliency, higher emotional intelligence, enhanced cognitive functioning, improved career fulfillment, and increased happiness and overall success.

He provides mindfulness, stress management, and performance enhancement consulting services to law firms, law schools, and corporations, including Tesla Motors, Zenith Insurance Company, and several of the premier law firms in the United States.

He also provides one-on-one coaching to individuals, helping them overcome obstacles to greater success and joy, and guiding them into the highest version of themselves. Jarrett is deeply connected to the ancient spiritual teachings of India, and spends about one month per year in the Indian city of Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga and meditation.

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