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August 2016

Paths to Peace

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Last spring my neighbor, Ghislaine (Jesse), surprised me by creating a path in the woods to connect our two properties. She laid down mulch and decorated it with potted flowers, lanterns and a red Adirondack chair to sit and relax in. Instead of building fences to separate our properties, she had created a path to welcome me in. I was thrilled and inspired.

October 2013

Go Beyond the Path

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We walk along the path that our forefathers have laid for us, rarely questioning where it goes and whether or not it is the right path for us. But, other animals venture deeper into the woods to explore and discover things that they can't reach from the path.

March 2011

March 11, 2011 – The Beginning of the Apocalypse or the Greatest Revolution of Consciousness?

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An 8.9-magnitude quake hit today, the strongest ever recorded in Japan. Is this an isolated event or the tip of the iceberg, a prelude of sorts for upcoming events on our planet? According to many astrologists, psychics, ancient prophecies and even scientists, this is the first of many major catastrophic events about to impact earth.

January 2011

Emergency or Emergence – You decide

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We are living in a time of great change and awakening in the western world. We have had incredible advances in technology, medicine and in our fundamental thinking. We have become more tolerant, enlightened and financially secure. Yet we are far more stressed and uncertain of our future than past generations. We fear financial ruin and loss even though we are surrounded by abundance. We seek out negative news to support the view of the reality that we have created for ourselves.

November 2010

Journeying through Darkness

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We need not shy away from darkness, nor do we need to suppress our journeying through darkness. To ensure that we don’t get stuck in a state of emergency, but rather continue in a state of emergence, we need to bring in the light of wisdom, discernment and inner knowing. This Light combined with the loving energy of creativity, passion, service to others, and joy will help complete our metamorphosis.

Lessons from My Fashion Faux-Pas on Facebook

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Each day, our new age of technology and social media are pushing us to live more open and authentically. When I do workshops and speaking engagements on Social Media, the bulk of questions are around image and privacy concerns. While we all have to be vigilant to ensure we are not putting ourselves in harm's way, today's technology is like a karmic accelerator forcing us to speak, write and live open and honestly.

May 2010

April 2010

Michael Specter: The danger of science denial

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What do you think? The pendulum has swung. Some, like Michael Specter, may say too far away from science toward the intuitive approach. It is understandable, because our intuition has been silenced for so long. I, like Michael, look forward to the future and think we are in the most exciting time in history. But not only because of the incredible advancements of science, but because I see for the first time in history an opportunity to integrate knowledge, science and technology with intuition, consciousness and spiritual evolution. The Dalai Lama embodies this new direction, embracing all that science and technology have to offer with a deep, inner spiritual practice. Best selling author, Daniel H. Pink, emphasizes the need for a "Whole New Mind" to approach the future, a mind that integrates the best of the left more analytical elements with the right side intuitive brain.  I believe that when we stop debating one approach over the other, and embrace a way forward that integrates both, we will see real advancements on this planet. One of the [...]

March 2010

Believe and it will happen

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Often people ask me, does social media really work? It takes so much time, does it pay off? Is anyone really listening? There are times when the "mind viruses" even get to me and I question myself, wondering whether I can accomplish all I have set out to do. Last night, I went to see Deepak Chopra speak in Montreal. He was outstanding and incredibly inspirational, as anyone knows who has seen him live. This morning I was reminded of his "Seven Laws of Success". In particular, I was thinking of his sixth law, the Law of Detachment: Allow yourself and others the freedom to be who they are. Do not force solutions-allow solutions to spontaneously emerge. Uncertainty is essential on your path to freedom. As I try to detach from any particular outcome of my work, with the highest intention and hope that I can help others, I continue to post blog articles and communicate them through social media. This morning, I posted on Twitter an article on Smart Follow-ship that a good friend, Corry [...]

Searching for the genesis of deadly pathogens

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Nathan Wolfe's Jungle Search What will you say when your children and grand-children ask you how we let our closest living relatives, some of the most valuable and endangered species on this planet, become extinct because we were not able to deal with the issues of poverty around the world? In regions of profound instability throughout the world, where we have intense poverty and growing populations without sustainable resources, there is serious food insecurity. The consumption of bush meat, which is linked to the cross-species transfer of the vast majority of deadly pathogens like HIV, is one of the central crisis occurring in our population and on our planet right now. The responsibility for solving this issue can not rest on the poorest and most vulnerable. There is no easy solutions, but if we neglect this problem, we do so at our own peril.