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Imagine working at your highest potential to make a positive impact on more people while you prosper with greater ease and joy.

Transform your passions, know-how and experience to serve your highest vision in a way that’s profitable and makes a positive social impact!


What We Can Help You With

Make a shift in your career. Create or expand a conscious business. Inspire and lead positive change at work.

Would you like to discover your personal answers to these key questions:

  • What exactly am I here to do?

  • Can I earn money pursuing my passions?

  • How can I do work that is more rewarding and/or less stressful?

  • How do I go about creating a heartfelt venture?

  • Can I effectively lead my team in a way that’s more authentic to me?

  • How do I evolve my business in a sustainable and mindful way?

If so, we can help!

How We Work

We provide a variety of private, group, online and live programs and services.


Transform your passions, know-how and experience to make a positive difference, strengthen your existing business, lead it in a new direction or start something new.


We offer seminars/webinars, lunch and learns, 1/2 day to full day workshops on a variety of topics around transformation at work.



Our various retreats offer you a unique opportunity to rest, restore and breathe new energy into your life and work.


Our FREE Awakening Village membership is designed to help you live your most inspired life through regular connections with your tribe, expert coaching and valuable resources.

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Featured Programs and Events

Book Launch

Sunday, May 5th (2-4pm) in Hudson!

Love Will Keep Us Alive gives us the hope to survive the worst of times, rebuild our lives, and emerge stronger to set a new and more meaningful path for ourselves. It shows that if we open our minds and hearts, we can awaken to our true life and its purpose.

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IGNITE Your Life Program

Group Program Starts April 23rd!

Learn a revolutionary framework to achieve lasting transformation in your life and work. Become inspired and gain the clarity and confidence to take the steps needed to create a life you adore.

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Lianne Bridges (Founder of Designing Transformation)

A change leader, social entrepreneur, writer, speaker, teacher, consultant and mother. With an MBA and a 25-year track record serving multi-nationals, Lianne left the corporate world after the loss of her husband in 2009 to dedicate her life to her true passion – helping people live consciously and awaken to their highest potential and purpose.

“Lianne has a knack for bringing the best out of people and encouraging them to dig deep and shine with their unique light. She then introduces them to people of like mind, interest and purpose. She is a business matchmaker of sorts.” Andrea

Begin transforming your life and work!

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Featured In

Watch Lianne’s discussions about Work-Life Wellness with with Rhonda Massad founder of the West Island Blog on Jewel 106.7

Some Articles You May Enjoy

Interview with the International Centre for Conscious Leadership

What a pleasure… my first interview about my book, Love Will Keep Us Alive, with Stephane Leblanc from International Centre for Conscious Leadership. We spoke about the power of love and crisis to transform our lives for the better. Listen to the interview here.

The Alchemy of Purpose

Growing research is revealing the many benefits of Purpose. Not only is Purpose good for the individual, but it’s also important indicator of success for teams, communities and organizations. Purpose is also being touted be the next great driver of our economy. So, why are so few people and organizations embracing Purpose as a key driver for their success?

20th Anniversary Magic

Today, on the 20th anniversary of my wedding to my late husband, Bob, I am excited to announce that my memoir, Love Will Keep Us Alive, will be coming out in the New Year. It’s my hope that this book will inspire people to believe in their own path and live the life we are all meant to lead—one of love, passion, fulfillment and magic.

Living an Inspired Life Starts with Decoding Your Soulprint

A clear Vision goes far beyond a simple vision board. It’s a view of the future and your place in it. Your Vision concentrates your efforts to attract the right people so you can use your time, money and other resources most efficiently and effectively.

There’s a new way to find job security: by doing what you love

What do top execs, mid-level managers and baristas all have in common? They all know that no matter how hard they work or how many hours they put in, these days, no job is secure. With big lay-offs more frequent than not (think Sears, Rogers, and Bombardier), every industry in every city across Canada is a target.

Develop a thriving community of supporters, clients and partners

Successful leaders and business owners know that they need to engage and inform prospects. They present a significant amount of knowledge and resources to do so. Providing this information establishes credibility and trust with potential supporters and clients.

A proper strategy will save you countless time and money

Do you have ideas, but don't know what steps to take to create a viable business? Start with Strategy! Lianne Bridges, founder of Designing Transformation Productions, shares what she's learned as the fundamental first step in turning a concept into a viable business.

The Gift of a Blank Canvas Helped Me Discover My Passion

Even in my deepest grief, when my life was coming apart after the death of my husband, I had a sense of a new life that I could create for myself, like the caterpillar who gets a whiff of the butterfly she’s becoming. Life had offered me a blank canvas. For the first time since I was young, my future was completely unscripted. I could re-imagine and redesign my life in any way I pleased. Through the process I developed to transform my own life, I discovered a way to help others live consciously and awaken to their highest potential and purpose.