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A Journey of Awakening through Heartbreaking Loss and the Alchemy of Love

What if you knew that:

  • The greatest challenges in our life represent an invitation to delve deeper, discover our true essence and share that gift with the world.
  • We are powerful beyond measure and have the power to direct the unfolding of our life path.
  • Changing our external world requires inner work, starting with self love, to become aligned with that which we would like to attract.

In her memoir, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Lianne Bridges, takes us through her personal challenges involving the great love and loss in her life, and her continued connection with him in the afterlife. Her story gives us hope that we can survive the worst of times, rebuild our lives, and emerge stronger to set a new and more meaningful path for ourselves.

The book also demonstrates that if we open our minds and hearts, we can awaken to our true life and its purpose.

If you love romance, raw vulnerability, passion and soul conversations, you will love this book!” ~ Sharon

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About Love Will Keep Us Alive

Enmeshed by love at first sight, Lianne and Bob went through tough ups and downs before they both realized they were destined to be together. Bob immediately pulled Lianne into a world of romance, unconditional love and total acceptance. Their Bali wedding is the stuff of fairy tales, but their joy was short-lived, with Bob receiving a dire cancer diagnosis. After doing everything possible to help Bob survive, Lianne was left to cope after his death with two young boys and the overwhelming grief of losing the love of her life.

Lianne embarked on a journey of self-healing and rediscovery. Her explorations led her to uncover a way to connect with Bob beyond the grave. He revealed profound wisdom to her about life’s greatest mysteries and the true depth of their bond. Eternal love and transformation are the prevailing themes of Lianne’s magical journey. She shows us the strength that is derived from being truly open to powers beyond our usual perceptions and understanding.

About the Author

Lianne Bridges

Lianne Bridges

Lianne is an inspirational change leader, author, career and life coach, and international speaker who loves helping others to reignite their passion by discovering and pursuing their life calling.

Her world was shattered at forty-six when she lost her husband to cancer and was left with two young boys to raise on her own. Her profound grief prompted her to rethink her entire life. She closed her consulting business and embarked on a healing journey of self-discovery that led to her profound awakening. Her memoir, Love Will Keep Us Alive, recounts this journey.

Today, Lianne shares her transformative process to inform and inspire others to follow their dreams and live a happier, more satisfying life.

“Writing Love Will Keep Us Alive has been one of the most difficult yet rewarding projects of my life. It has allowed me to sit with my pain, acknowledge it, surrender to grieving and ultimately find gratitude in the tremendous loss I had endured. This path towards healing has provided me with a higher wisdom, keen personal insights, and a positive direction and purpose for my life. It’s my hope that this book will provide some of the same benefits to you in your life.” Lianne

“Your purpose is hidden within your wounds.” ~ Rune Lazuli

  • Escape into a rich and beautiful love story that transcends time and space

  • Gain hope that our loved ones never die, that we remain connected to them, and each of us can learn to communicate directly with them.

  • Become inspired that the challenges in our lives can be our greatest gifts and a doorway into our deeper calling.

Who Should Read it

Those Who:

  • Love getting lost in a magical love story.

  • Have lost a loved one and want to understand more about the afterlife.

  • Sense that there is more they are meant to do in this lifetime and want to learn more.

  • Would love inspiration to live more vibrantly and connect more deeply.

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  1. Lianne Bridges June 10, 2019 at 2:05 pm - Reply

    Thanks for dropping by. Please let us know what you think.

  2. Hilary Dempsey June 13, 2019 at 8:01 pm - Reply

    Hi, Lianne: It was brave of you to discuss your personal life so intimately in your book. Bob’s messages are in line with my beliefs and I hope your book will invite others to open up and accept that physical death is not all about loss and/or relief from illness. Thanks for all your “spiritual work” and for sharing it. You have certainly been a very positive influence in the Hudson area and it was inspiring to see so many of your clients thrilled to support you at the book launch. Best wishes, Hilary

    • Lianne Bridges June 29, 2019 at 5:42 pm - Reply

      Thank you Hilary for your feedback and kind words. It really means a lot to me.

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