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We rise by lifting others.” Robert Ingersoll

Inspired Life, Inspired Work, Inspired Community

Each of us need inspiration, support, encouragement and resources to make our unique contribution to the world. It’s why the Awakening Village was created. When we connect with like-purpose individuals, we have the opportunity to share our knowledge, innate gifts, passions, skills and experience to create positive change.

The Awakening Village™ is an integrated network designed to help individuals, social entrepreneurs and conscious leaders reach their greatest potential. We are a group of individuals dedicated to using our passion and expertise to better the world while bringing prosperity to our own lives and those of others.

We want to:
• Live our true passion and purpose
• Make a positive impact in the world
• Beautify/ better the world with your gifts, skills and/or experience
• Heal, inspire, teach or in some other way help others


 the Awakening Village Membership

A FREE monthly membership program with group coaching and

resources to inspire and motivate you to realize your Vision!

Our biggest challenge as change leaders is sustaining our passion, passion, and creativity over a long period of time. Inspiration comes in fits and spurts and then it peters out. Time pressure, daily commitments and priorities keep us from focusing on manifesting our dreams. This is a shame, because it robs us of our own brilliance and the world of our greatest gifts. That is why I created the Awakening Village Membership…to help us all do what inspires us most – every day.

Ready to live with more PASSION, PURPOSE & PROSPERITY ?

Stay INSPIRED through a regular online connection with your tribe

Receive LIVE mentorship sessions each month to keep you MOTIVATED

LEARN and EVOLVE through the guidance of EXPERTS

Experience CLARITY and FOCUS to help you maintain your MOMENTUM

Feel everyday that you are part of a COMMUNITY that SUPPORTS you

Our Unique Approach

Cultivating Self Mastery through an Integrated Program

  • Awakening Café Online – We meet weekly LIVE online to discuss monthly topics, answer questions, network, and review goals..
  • Inspire Show – A monthly interview series with leading experts from around the world to inspire you to realize your life’s vision.
  • Soul Sanctuary – Your library of inspirational and informative resources, templates, videos and guided visualization meditations.
  • Change Leader Network – A private member forum, expert support, member discounts and opportunities for you to promote your brand.

Seva – Selfless Service

The Awakening Village Membership is based on the ancient Indian practice of “Seva”, which in Sanskrit means “selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment.

It was believed to help one’s spiritual growth and at the same time contribute to the improvement of a community. As such, we’re offering this membership for free and invite members to offer their gifts, ideas, resources, time and energy to the Awakening Village community.

What’s included?

Take a sneak peek at all the Inspiration in this Membership Program.

Change Leader Playbook

Upon joining, receive our Change Leader Playbook to accelerate your performance, impact and prosperity.

Awakening Café Online

Weekly (Wednesdays, 12-1:00 pm EDT) coaching and networking sessions. We’ll meet LIVE online to discuss monthly topics, answer questions, network, and review goals.

Inspiration Sanctuary

Access a library of inspirational and informative resources, templates, videos and guided visualization meditations.

Monthly Featured Speaker

Meet successful Change Leaders from around the world interviewed LIVE on the Inspire Show.

Connect with Your Tribe

Meet like-minded individuals and community leaders who are also on a path of exploration.

Private Facebook Group

Hang out 24/7 on our private online forum to stay connected and supported.

Professional Support

Connect with a network of high-quality professionals who will support you.

Member Discounts

Receive 10% discount on specially marked Designing Transformation Production products and services. Also, receive special member discounts from members and/or offer them your own discounts.

Promote on our Facebook group

Advertise your programs, events and new products once a week (Fair Fridays) on our Awakening Village Facebook Group.

Join Today!

We know you will love your FREE membership!

Tell Your Friends!

So everyone can benefit from this amazing program!

You don’t have to feel stuck or overwhelmed anymore!

“I really appreciate how Lianne takes us step by step through a process to identify our passions and strengths, and then commit our business ideas to actual words, actions and deadlines so they aren’t just pipe dreams that may (or may not) happen someday. She knows how to nudge us out of our comfort zone and helps us to face the fears that stand in the way of our own success. I highly recommend her workshops and programs.”

Julie Gedeon (Writer, Editor, Creative Coach), Eloquence

“By the end of workshop, lights started blasting off in my head. Ideas started to bounce. A purpose, a vision, a direction started to come to life. It is now late Tuesday afternoon. I have not slept in three nights because the noise of purpose, the excitement of mission, and the feeling that I am being on the edge of an incredible revelation needs to get out, needs to escape.”

Terry Soucy (Conscious Investment Advisor), Terry Soucy

“Participating in Lianne’s program was one of the best business investments that I have made in a very long time. The content and process were the perfect mix of practice and theory allowing me to fine tune my approach and I now feel confident that I can bring my business to the next level.”

corry-robertsonCorry Robertson (Executive Leadership Coach), Corry Robertson

FREE Membership Customized to Your Needs

Note: Individual and group coaching programs available as well. Please contact us for details.

Monthly Membership

$0per month
  • WOW!! This represents a $200/Month Value for FREE!!!
  • Weekly Coaching/Networking Online Power Lunches
  • Access to a resource library with dozens of session recordings, videos, posts and templates
  • Monthly LIVE online interview and Q&A with a featured speaker
  • Introduction to a network of trusted partners/service providers
  • Special member discounts (and opportunity to offer members a deal as well)
  • Weekly opportunity to advertise (on Fridays) to the Facebook group

Finally a membership program

with Inspiring resources & LIVE support

Why Join the Awakening Village Membership Program?

Connect, share, support, inspire and collectively support each other and collectively improve the world. Our Awakening Village is a model of a conscious community with a guiding principle to balance us being of service to the community with our own needs and aspirations.

  • Be part of a community that is making a positive impact.

  • Connect with like-purpose individuals.

  • Become supported in the continuing journey of your success.

  • Meet weekly online through Zoom to review goals, discuss success strategies & meet inspiring people!

  • Link with potential buyers, sellers & partners.

  • Access an outstanding library of recordings, meditations, articles and worksheets to keep you motivated and focused on results.

Who Will Be Leading You?

Lianne Bridges

Lianne Bridges – Founder, Designing Transformation Productions

After completing a classical MBA training program at Canada’s prestigious Rotman School of Management, I garnered 30 years of experience working for Unilever, Nabisco, United Technologies, Bombardier, Rio Tinto Alcan, Plan International and other world-leading multinationals and not-for-profit organizations.

Over the past 18 years, I’ve worked as an entrepreneur –  launching and leading a variety of successful ventures. I now use all of this knowledge and experience to serve my true passion: helping new or existing change leaders, mindful entrepreneurs and community-oriented individuals to make a real difference doing what they love by aligning with their highest purpose and potential.

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Uplifting Support

The Awakening Village membership program will help you take inspired action each and every day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Bi-weekly group video calls are held through the well-known Zoom platform, each one guided by the month’s topic. Guest speakers will be invited each month to address the month’s topic , and these are recorded. There is a database of videos, meditations, and information sheets all available exclusively to Awakening Village members  24/7.

Bi-Weekly calls will be held on Wednesdays (hump day!) at noon EDT for 60 minutes. This time was picked to accommodate the most time zones possible. Some of the content will be recorded and available for later viewing.

Absolutely! The Awakening Village membership program is for all types of people who want to make a positive difference by being inspired daily to do what they love.

That’s fine. Through the Awakening Village membership, you will be introduced to concepts, expertise and strategies to help you gain greater clarity.

All the materials and lessons will be presented and available online via the Zoom live webinar format. Some recordings will alos be available for follow-up review.

Yes the enrollment can happen at any time.

Not an issue. We know how hard it is to keep up with today’s modern and ever-changing technology. The online presentation will be delivered in an easy to access web conference format.

Don’t hesitate to contact Lianne Bridges by email: or by phone: 514-825-0732 or by clicking on the link below.

Imagine waking up every morning inspired and energized to start the day?

It is possible!

Click here to contact me to learn more or for a Free individual consultation.