Stepping into Your ThriveZone™

Hi everyone, it’s Lianne here, mentor for Conscious Business, Social Entrepreneurs and Change Leaders.

Here I am today in the beautiful spring out in my back yard with a running brook behind me. In the middle of summer this is completely dried up so it’s kind of a different energy. I want to take a couple of minutes today to talk about the energy of spring and how we can really almost surf that energy of spring to bring a new life for ourselves. As we start, think about how we change seasons. We’re coming out of a season of very stillness, quiet and opportunity to go inside and understand what we need in our lives and how we want to change. Now as things are starting to percolate, as the water’s melting as you can hear behind me, the buds are starting to come out, it’s an opportunity for us to feel that same energy within us and to look at our work and our careers and see where we might want to realign.

For example, we may feel that our work, our career is getting very heavy, it’s very hard. Many, many people today are feeling burnt out. Actually 50% of people across industries are experiencing burn out. That’s incredible! 80% of doctors visits are for stress related problems and symptoms. It’s really important that we constantly look within and determine whether or not we’re at a point where we need to make a change. When we think about our work and our career, whether we have a business and we want to bring to another level, we find maybe it’s languishing a bit, stagnant a bit, we want to figure out how we bring it to a broader audience or a different audience, that type of thing.

This is a great time to do that, the springtime. As the summer comes we’re in full energy mode and then as the fall comes we start to slow down a bit. I found there are three times in the year when we really think about renewal and change. There is of course January when we have all our goals and objectives, and in the springtime as the energy of the season is helping us, and also back to school time. It’s something that’s programmed in us to rethink things, to restart things. This is one of the 3 times a year that I like to think to myself what it is that I want to create, and how do I want to bring it out into the world. Most of my programs are actually launched at those three times in the year.

There are two main things to think about; how to get to a place where you can really leverage this energy of the spring and the first of it is awareness. There’s inner awareness and then there’s outer awareness. We talked a little bit last time about listening. The deep listening within. When we look within we start to understand what  our heart saying to us. What do we really want to do? So often we push that down because we have thoughts and feelings that this is impossible, “I have to make money, I can’t make money doing something else, it’s too hard to go from there, I’m too old, I’m too thin, I’m too fat, I’m too whatever. I’m not enough to go from where I am now, from what is serving me, but not necessarily serving me at my highest potential to getting to that.”

It’s like “The As Is” versus “The To Be.” “The To Be” you can start to imagine in your life and start to feel it and sense it. Just like right now. I can look around me and see what’s “To Be” in this forest. It’s not quite happened yet, the buds are not quite out. Things are not quite springing from the earth yet, but I know what’s to come, I can feel it, I can sense it. I think probably all of you out there have that same thing for your next stage in your work and in your career and your path and your calling. What often comes up when you imagine the “To Be” we think about where we are right now and we see the gap between “As Is” and “To Be” is too big. What creeps up is what I call the Four Horsemen of the Self Apocalypse: fear, doubt, confusion and illusion. Those things are the ones that stop us from moving from where we are to where we want to be.

The idea of being able to tame those horsemen, the main way to do that is what I call Self Mastery. It’s mastering the leader within and being able to harness that. It’s around mastering our mindset, mastering the way we work in the world, having certain practices that help us to really perform at the highest level, to have a vision, to get that clarity, to have the confidence to move forward in our lives. That really comes from, first a sense of awareness, and understanding what it really is that we want to achieve and be in the world, and the second part is then the ability to be able to do that and understand it and master the elements within that are stopping us.

Often I train people on business skills, on leadership skills, strategy, vision, but what stops them is that internal mental mindset, so that’s really critical. The second thing I wanted to talk to you about is that some people don’t even get into that level, the inner work, and some people get stuck there. They get almost, and you’ve heard the term before, naval gazing, over analyzing, over assessing. They are so busy listening within, they can’t see without or outside of themselves. That’s just as important to understand who you are, and what your greatest gifts are, and how that meets the needs of society. I call that the ThriveZone™. That place where your greatest joy, your greatest gifts and talents, meets what’s really needed in your community around you and society at large. That ThriveZone™ is what allows us to really feel in flow, in passion with our work, a sense of purpose and meaning, feeling very authentic to who we are.

The second part of it really is being able to look outside and see who is it that we really serve, and how do we serve, what are their needs right now. I had a little struggle these last couple of weeks where I was going out with this program and I made one of the basic 101 mistakes. I was thinking so internally about what I was creating, forgetting about what is my audience wants, what is it that my community really needs and how can I not put everything together and serve everyone, but to tailor it depending on what different needs of the people are, because some people I work with are just starting out, trying to figure out what they want. Other people want to start a business or a conscious community. Other people have already got that and want to get to the next level, and others are in organizations that want their teams to perform at a higher level. When I was trying to put everything together and come out with a program that would suit me, I wasn’t really listening to the needs of the community and the different factions within my community. That idea, the ThriveZone™ is where those two meet, where your passion, where your greatest experiences, talents, gifts, expertise, personal life lessons meet with the needs of your community and society at large.

That just gives you a little bit of an idea how to start to use the energy of the spring. First going within, understanding what your heart is calling you to, what you’re best suited for, and then helping to identify what are some of the roadblocks, some of the wounds, some of the patterns that stop you from moving forward, and using some mindfulness, conscious practices, yoga, connecting with nature, journaling. All those things to help you to overcome that and then to look outside yourself and really understand what you have to offer best serve your community and then again, what is that ThriveZone™. When we get into, when we step into that ThriveZone™, we thrive, our community thrives, and everyone else around us.

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She is a change leader, social entrepreneur, writer, speaker, teacher, consultant and mother. With an MBA and a 30-year track record serving multi-nationals, Lianne left the corporate after the heart-breaking loss of her husband in 2009 to dedicate her life to her true passion – helping people live consciously and awaken to their highest potential and purpose.

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