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Imagine working at your highest purpose and potential to make a positive impact on more people while you prosper with greater ease and joy.

“There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” — Nelson Mandela

Would you like to discover your personal answers to these key questions:

  • What exactly am I here to do?
  • Can I earn money pursuing my passions?
  • How do I go about creating a heartfelt venture?
  • Where do I find the people who need/want what I have to offer?
  • How do I differentiate myself/get known in a crowded marketplace?
  • How do I attract and sell to my ideal clients?
  • How do I evolve my business in a sustainable and mindful way?

If so, you may be ready to live a Truly Inspired Life!

Transform your passions, know-how and experience into a soul-centred venture that’s profitable and makes a positive social impact!

Inspire a movement. Lead a community effort. Create or expand a conscious business. Choose from a variety of private or group, online or live programs.


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Inspirational Speaker

Lianne Events Producer

Lianne Bridges (Founder of Designing Transformation) is an inspirational speaker and workshop leader.

She is a change leader, social entrepreneur, writer, speaker, teacher, consultant and mother. With an MBA and a 30-year track record serving multi-nationals, Lianne left the corporate after the heart-breaking loss of her husband in 2009 to dedicate her life to her true passion – helping people live consciously and awaken to their highest potential and purpose. She focuses on topics such as: finding your life’s purpose, tapping into your ThriveZone™, conscious business practices, social entrepreneurship and branding/marketing authentically in today’s uber-connected society.

In her talks, she weaves together her personal and professional experiences to offer the audience a rich and informative experience.

In The News

Holistic Life Network (Part I)

Holistic Life Network interview with Lianne by host Enzo Mecca and cohost Isabelle Abdel-Sayed as they discuss merging of business and spirituality to enable Holistic Entrepreneurs to thrive.

Holistic Life Network (Part II)

Holistic Life Network interview with Lianne. They discuss her key principles for success in creating a life and career that you love and brings great personal satisfaction.

Global Conference Speaker

Lianne had the honour of speaking at two acclaimed global conferences in 2017 – Wisdom 2.0 and International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). She spoke about decoding your Soulprint™ and discovering your ThriveZone™ to unlock your life’s true mission, your purpose, your why.

ICI Television

Living Your Passion

Lianne was interviewed on Montreal’s Canal ICI on the La voix du succès show. She spoke about her own story and how personal tragedy led her to discover her life’s purpose and then help others do the same.

CTV News Network

Quebec Floods 2017

Lianne volunteered during the floods in the spring of 2017 and reported live three times on national TV. She acted as a citizen reporter commenting on the local situation.

Conscious Millionaire Podcast / HuffPost

Building a Thriving Community

With twelve million listeners in 190 countries, the Conscious Millionaire Podcast is media force in the conscious business realm. In her interview with founder, JV Crum, she share her insights and knowledge on how to build a high-growth business and coaching practice. The interview was later published in the HuffPost.

Listen to Podcast

Read HuffPost Article

West Island Blog

Feature article on Designing Transformation Productions, describing how they help individuals and conscious entrepreneurs create a vision for their future that is aligned with their highest potential and purpose. Read More

Founder of the West Island Blog, Rhonda Massad, interviewed Lianne about her Awakening Village community, which encourages people to discover what inspires them and live their highest potential. Read More

Lianne Bridges

University Guest Lecturer

With an MBA and years of experience in training employees and clients, Lianne is an experienced orator. Recently she spoke with university students at McGill and the John Molson School of business about doing work and creating a business that’s aligned with one’s purpose and passion.

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“Lianne has a knack for bringing the best out of people and encouraging them to dig deep and shine with their unique light. She then introduces them to people of like mind, interest and purpose. She is a business matchmaker of sorts.” Andrea

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