Living with no regrets

Bronnie Ware spent years along-side people who were dying in palliative care. She spoke with them about what they wished they had done differently. She revealed several themes in her ground-breaking book, Regrets of the Dying. The number one regret was the wish to have had the courage to live the life they knew they were meant to live.

When my husband passed away, something inside me recognized I was being summoned to a deeper level of creativity, commitment and action in my life and work. I wasn’t sure what that looked like or what steps to take. I had plenty of fear: Can I make enough money to support my family? What if I fail and look foolish? Maybe I don’t have what it takes? If I’m successful, can I handle it?

Despite all this, I ventured forward. Why? Because, deep down I knew I had a choice—to follow my heart’s calling or remain on my conventional path. Because I’d just witnessed the devastating impact of a life cut short, the thing I feared the most was regret.

In searching for a way to live my life’s purpose, I learned that business skills and web technology skills were important, but not enough. Critically important are self knowledge, insight and mental/emotional mastery.

Whether you want to transition into a new career or business, or to refocus your existing one, you need to cultivate key self mastery skills like clarity, confidence and commitment, to overcome the difficult challenges that stop most people from realizing their dreams.

Today, I’m so glad that I took a chance and followed my heart. I wake up each day energized to make a difference and do work that I love, on my own terms. What inspires me the most is to help people discover and express their greatest gifts.

My unique spin on how to do this is to integrate skills training and coaching in business, technology and personal development to help individuals achieve their greatest level of success.

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About the Author:

She is a change leader, social entrepreneur, writer, speaker, teacher, consultant and mother. With an MBA and a 30-year track record serving multi-nationals, Lianne left the corporate after the heart-breaking loss of her husband in 2009 to dedicate her life to her true passion – helping people live consciously and awaken to their highest potential and purpose.

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