Life unfolds on Purpose when you are centered in your WHY

Your Soulprint is the genetic blueprint of your soul’s mission.  It helps you to answer questions that will illuminate your highest potential. By decoding and then learning to work in alignment with your own Soulprint, you will identify and integrate your unique talents, training and experience (personal as well as professional) for maximum impact and results.

Decoding Your Soulprint© is Designing Transformation’s proprietary process developed from the fields of business, leadership and personal development.

The four quadrants of the profile help to identify your Why, What, How and Where – what’s most important to you, the areas where you most excel; how you uniquely express yourself; and what you are here to do.

Each quadrant has two corresponding characteristics that make up your personal profile: Purpose, Passion, Talents, Experience, Story, Archetype, Style and Creativity. Together, the four quadrants and eight characteristics form one’s unique Soulprint. In the center lies your Zen Spot© —your seat of power and the place where you most thrive. This is the special realm where your passions meet your purpose; your gifts combine with your experience and unique story; and where your values align with your natural style to best serve your ideal tribe.

Define a clear vision that’s rooted in your life’s purpose

A clear Vision goes far beyond a simple vision board. It’s a view of the future and your place in it. Your Vision concentrates your efforts to attract the right people so you can use your time, money and other resources most efficiently and effectively.

Many would-be or new entrepreneurs say their vision is simply to make money or to help others. These are not visions, but rather the by-product of one. A Vision describes your greatest aspirations — what you see as your unique contribution to the world. It’s your ‘why’… the reason for your being and doing. Your Vision is your summit atop life’s mountain. It is the end-point that determines the steps you will take as you plan, build and launch your business or community venture.
When you share a clear Vision with the members of your community – the people who know and support you on a regular basis – they will rally behind you to find your ideal clientele. If your Vision is unclear, it becomes more difficult for your community to support your enterprise

Create a compelling Vision and set Goals that will help you achieve your dreams

  • Imagine a physical or virtual community, centre, institute, or store that allows you to express your highest vision. What would it look like? What would you offer as products and/or services? What would you call this business place?
  • List your goals in each area of your life: home, health, work, family, personal growth, financial resources, leisure time/activities, romance, etc. Create goals that reflect how you would like to feel (happy, fulfilled, excited, fit, etc.).
  • Create a Vision Book with the sections listed above and add pictures as visual motivations.
  • For each goal, write down two to five specific objectives that will help you attain that goal. (e.g. Goal: Feel fit, healthy, energetic and attractive. Objectives: Exercise three times per week, eat vegetarian at least once a week, get eight hours of rest/sleep every night.)

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