5 Reasons Focused Persistence is Critical to Success

5 Reasons Focused Persistence is Critical to Success

Do you start many projects, but often don’t see them through to fruition? Do you feel stretched too thin?

Many of us have heard the saying, “Do what you love and money will flow.” Yet, few are truly successful at applying this principle. One of the main reasons is the lack of what I call Focused Persistence. This principle combines the idea of knowing what you want and then persistently pursuing it. Like many of my clients, I am a ‘Starter’. I love coming up with ideas and starting projects, but I get bored easily, distracted by the next great idea, or lose confidence when what I am working on doesn’t yield immediate results. Sound familiar?

“The secret to happiness: find out what you love to do and then direct all of your energy towards it. Once you do this, abundance flows into your life and all of your desires are filled with ease and grace.” Robin Sharma

I love to garden in the springtime. I enjoy planning what I will grow, clearing the garden, preparing the soil,  and planting various herbs and small vegetables. Quickly though, I loose interest. By mid-summer I have forgotten to water the budding plants. When it is time to harvest the hardy ones that have survived my neglect, I am deep into other projects and leave the blossoming plants to over-ripen and die on their vines. This example may seem extreme, particularly for avid gardeners, but it illustrates what happens to many of our great ideas and new initiatives. Without Persistent Focus we can’t properly reap what we sow.

5 Reasons Why Focused Persistence is Critical to Success

1.0 Positive Impact – When we defuse our energy across many projects and multi-tasking, we minimize our impact in any one area. Trying to be all things to everyone, we end up doing nothing for anyone. Also, if we don’t see things to completion, we rob the world of our unique gifts and important message.

2.0 Gain GroundRome was not built in a day, nor is your success. The principle of Focused Persistence provides traction for ideas to take root, to develop and grow. Once an idea has been well established, only then we can create logical off-shoots of the product or service.  A case in point is when Apple Inc. produced the iPhone only after significant success with the iPod. They then waited to introduce the iPad until after the iPhone was well established in the market, despite the fact that they came up with the iPad idea first.

3.0 Efficiency – When we repeat a process rather than creating a new one each time, we have an opportunity to master a template from which to adjust, customize and optimize. This can provide the benefit of significant efficiencies of scale and result in increased profitablity.

4.0 Mastery and Kaizen – When we persistently focus in one area or on one program, product line or service, we practice continuous improvement (Kaizen) and overtime become masters. The result is highest quality output. This in turn helps to differentiate our product or service based on added value, rather than price. The end result is higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

5.0 Become Known – When we apply the concept of Focused Persistence to marketing and communicate, we can build brand awareness more efficiently and effectively. A clear and consistent message helps people understand what we stand for and supports the best form of marketing – referrals.

Focused Persistence is an important factor in manifesting our dreams. In order for this principle to work, we first need to become clear on what will be the object of our focus. This is not an easy task and often derails people at the get-go. I developed a process called, Discover Your Zen Spot™ to help individuals pinpoint the place where their work and life are in greatest harmony. Once clarity is achieved, cultivating persistence is an ongoing process. Here are some tips on how to cultivate persistence in your life and work (Blog article to come).

To help individuals define and live their purpose, Lianne draws on 25 years of corporate experience helping organizations define their strategic vision, and incorporates practices she used to transform her own life. Her Four Elements of Transformation include: 1.0 Gaining Clarity, 2.0 Aligning with your highest self, 3.0 Designing a Path for transformation, and 4.0 Connecting to your inner voice and to like-minded individuals for support.

If you would like to uncover your own true calling and gain the tools and confidence to make your path successful, Lianne offers one-on-one coaching services and hosts group sessions.

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