The No. 1 Secret to Success in business and leadership

True leadership starts within. Connecting with the deeper part of ourselves permits us to heal, break free of limiting beliefs, and find the path that best serves us and others.

All too often I see people with great ideas failing to realize their dreams, because of the limiting beliefs they have about themselves, their offering or the marketplace.

I call these limiting beliefs: The Four Horsemen of the Self-Apocalypse

Fear of failure, change, rejection, or even success. Our fears are often hidden behind excuses such as: Now is not a good time. When I am older, smarter, thinner… Besides, I don’t have enough money, or time. I have too many commitments.

Doubt which translates into excuses such as: I’m not good enough. There isn’t a market for what I would do., if only… I wouldn’t be able to make enough money. It’s already been done by others. It’s too difficult.

Confusion which comes out as: I don’t know what to do. I have lots of ideas but I don’t know where to start. I can’t focus on one area because there are too many things to do and it makes me anxious. I don’t have the expertise for various things. My home or office space is too cluttered to think.

Illusion causes some to think: It’ll just happen naturally, almost overnight. I can afford to do this for free or next-to-nothing because it will take minimal effort. I already know what to do because on my experience with other businesses as a customer and my previous job, so I don’t need guidance.

We need to master our minds to avoid or overcome each of these obstacles so we can reach our potential and realize our dreams.

Cultivating the characteristics of effective self-mastery will help you to tap into the profound wealth of knowledge, wisdom and creativity you already have. The leadership self-mastery skills that we will cultivate include: Mindfulness, Self-Knowledge, Intuitiveness, Equanimity, Life/Work Balance, Abundance Orientation, Self-Worth, Courage, Discipline, Compassion, and Service.

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She is a change leader, social entrepreneur, writer, speaker, teacher, consultant and mother. With an MBA and a 30-year track record serving multi-nationals, Lianne left the corporate after the heart-breaking loss of her husband in 2009 to dedicate her life to her true passion – helping people live consciously and awaken to their highest potential and purpose.

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